A semi-nomadic group of desert-dwellers who traversed the sands, are the oldest inhabitants of the Arabian desert. Known for their resourcefulness and hospitality, the Bedouins survived harsh weather conditions and lived in difficult environments.

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Bedouin provides agencies embedded insurance products to keep their travel staff safe and secure. Also for travel workers, keep your coverage even if you take a break!


Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with a truly fantastic and personalized experience from start to finish. Just like the nomadic tribes that inspire us, we journey alongside you, anticipating your every need and surpassing your expectations.


At Bedouin, we believe in making comprehensive insurance coverage not only accessible but also affordable. Our commitment to your peace of mind is matched by our dedication to offering competitive price terms that fit your budget.

With Bedouin, you'll always be prepared for the unexpected.

Protect your health, wealth and sanity before your first day.

As traveling healthcare workers navigate the unpredictable landscapes of the profession, Bedouin emerges as their unwavering support, emphasizing the need to safeguard health, wealth, and sanity from day one. With a tailored approach, it provides comprehensive healthcare coverage, financial security, and a reassuring buffer against the challenges of their nomadic careers. In choosing Bedouin, you can embark on your healthcare journey with confidence, knowing that your well-being is prioritized at every step.

Coverage after you start so you can focus more on your patients and career.

We're committed to empowering traveling healthcare professionals like you to prioritize what truly matters – your patients and your career. We understand that your dedication deserves unwavering support, which is why our insurance solutions go beyond the initial phase, ensuring that your health, financial stability, and peace of mind remain protected throughout your journey. Let us handle the uncertainties so you can immerse yourself fully in your vital role without distractions or worries.

Our Customer Stories

Why Our Customers Love Us?

Gianna M.

Miami, FL

“Bedouin claims process was simple and easy. Their support agents walked me through every step!”

Kate N.

Austin, TX

"I wanted to take a couple of months off between contracts, but was worried about losing my insurance coverages. Bedouin was able to cover me during my gap and put my mind at ease."

Jeffery K.

San Francisco, CA

"A bigger issue is that most travel nurses don't only use one agency so they find themselves doing things over and over. I feel sometimes the time and money spent with all certs, trainings, moving causes me to breakeven with travel nursing. Then few weeks into your contract, you are cancelled. Hurts."


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