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Giving Travel Nurses Peace of Mind

Bedouin builds fair and personalized contract insurance coverage for the travel nursing industry to protect against contract cancellations. With this kind of insurance in place, you can focus on doing what you love: providing care for patients and making a difference in the lives of others.



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Travel Nurses are worried about their contracts being cancelled after signing

Average amount Travel Nurses lose (excluding wages) when a contract is cancelled



Number of agencies and hospitals that take accountability when a contract gets cancelled

A powerful tool designed for you.

Peace of mind

Bedouin covers your expenses so that life can resume quickly for you.

Fantastic service

Blazing fast claims, live chat, available 24/7.

Great terms

Attractive rates, personalized to meet your unique needs.

Hear what Travel Nurses have to say

“Guarantees for the nurses. Contracts can be cancelled at anytime with no penalties to facilities. However if the nurse cancels a contract they're at risk for fines as well as deemed DNR.”

Mike T.
Travel Nurse (Miami)

“I don’t feel supported by agencies. I try to put my best foot forward so I don’t get canceled or blacklisted. The contract cancellation is a quick process. Hospitals won't even investigate and agencies won't fight back for travel nurses.”

Dora R.
Travel Nurse (NYC)
"A bigger issue is that most travel nurses don't only use one agency so they find themselves doing things over and over. I feel sometimes the time and money spent with all certs, trainings, moving causes me to breakeven with travel nursing. Then few weeks into your contract, you are cancelled. Hurts."
Samantha L.
Travel Nurse (Chicago)
"Our contracts don't give us any protections, but give hospitals money if we have to cancel. It's so unilateral. Fees for cancelling should be standard, as should ratio protections and floating expectations. There should be punishments baked in for the "bait and switch" contracts!"
Oscar M.
Travel Nurse (LA)
"Hospitals are getting worse about canceling travelers. They don’t realize or don’t care how much money we put into traveling. We have to pay $$$ for housing close to the hospital and often sign 3 month leases so if we get canceled early we’re often still responsible for paying the remaining time regardless if we’re there or not. The fact that we had to buy special scrubs for that hospital, pay for gas hotels, etc to travel to said hospital. And all the energy it takes to apply and do onboarding for every assignment. It is a real fear and it’s not fair."
Nancy S.
Travel Nurse (Austin)

With Bedouin, you'll always be prepared for the unexpected.

Protect your money before your first day.

You shouldn't take the loss of a short-term rental because your contract was cancelled. We know you have a lot on your plate and even more to worry about, yes those 100 unpaid modules (we hate them too!). Move with peace of mind and stress less about your future.

Coverage when you start so you can focus more on your patients and career.

Coverage after you start so you can focus on patient care.Contract insurance post-start date is a game changer when working with Bedouin. Our goal is for travel nurses to worry less about the "what-ifs" and focus on what they love doing, taking care of patients.

We've got you covered!

Help! I just received an email that my contract was cancelled and I start tomorrow 😩.

Hi Stephanie. Sorry to hear that! I'm Ryan and I will help walk you through the entire claims process we can get you your money back!

OMG! Thanks 🔥
Why haven't I tried this earlier?


Is contract insurance right for me?

Contract insurance for travel nurses is an essential investment to make before embarking on a career that takes you from one exciting new location to the next. As a travel nurse, you face many unique challenges and potential financial risks, including contract cancellation. This is usually out of your hands due to low patient census or poor budgeting by hospitals. With good travel nurse insurance, however, you can rest assured that your financial stability will never be compromised. Whether it's protecting yourself against late bill payments, covering unexpected costs brought on by illness or injury, or giving yourself peace of mind if a career change is required at short notice, having the right insurance coverage in place can help to give you the freedom and flexibility that is so central to this type of career. So why wait? Gone are the days of eating the losses. Protect yourself today with the right contract-cancellation insurance for travel nurses!

How do we provide coverage?

Bedouin creates risk profiles based on healthcare systems to create affordable and easy insurance options. We leverage cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques to create sophisticated underwriting models that provide you with the protection you love!

About us

Bedouin is the solution to a problem that has been plaguing the travel nursing industry for years – canceled contracts. In 2019, Osama decided to work as a travel nurse in Wisconsin. After signing his first contract, he began his onboarding process. To his surprise two days before his start date week, his recruiter notified him that the contract was canceled. Upset with this, he voiced his frustration on travel nurse forums, and to his surprise, this was a norm for travel nurses. Osama could not accept this reality. In 2021, he partnered with Mahmood, an experienced Data Scientist, and founded Bedouin, backed by University of California Berkeley, with the mission of providing travel nurses with coverage to give them the peace of mind they deserve.

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